One or Two Horses
Side Delivery Rake Mainardi mod. 268
Main wheel is equpped with steel gear and 3 lever position for out of gear, left/right rotation and special Front uplift. It can easily towed by one or two horses.

Working width 2,20 m - 245 m
max height 1,40 m
Distance between axles 2,15 m
Weight 300 kg


Side Delivery Rake Pianura (and others)
Different models of trailed comb side-delivery rakes with one raking group, with 4 reels acted by the mechanical transmission of the wheels rotation by an oil-lubed gearbox. They haves both raking and tedding configuration.
Technical specifications:
Transport width 2.00 m – 2,54 m
Working width 2,30 - 2,90 m..
Weight 320 - 380 kg

Ground Driven Hay Rakes Made in Italy