Two Animal Farm
Animal Traction 2-Line-Planters

by Fitarelli (BRAZIL)


The machine’s structure is composed by a header and iron chassis. Two articulate tires full of water command the fertilizer and seeds distribution.
The double retarded disks are for the cut of the straw and the distribution of the seeds and fertilizer. So that the double disks penetrate in the soil, push the lever upward until it is locked. To do the returning in the farming or walking in the highway, lower the lever until it is clamped. The lines run independently.

Obs: If the soil is compacted, add sand or stones in the existing reservoir for better conduction of the planting.
Regulation of the fertilizer: remove the butterfly nuts that are below the fertilizer box. Remove the funnel and change the plastic rotor. Thin rotor with capacity of 60 kg per hectare and thick rotor of 120 kg per hectare. Increase or reduce the rotors as the amount desired per hectare. Do not forget pressing the foil that bans the fertilizer.

The fertilizer box capacity is about 30kg each.
The seed box capacity is about 20kg each.
Regulation of the seeds: the quantity of the seeds that falls to the soil is regulated through the cogwheel and the crown that are in the inferior part of the seed box.

Quantity of grains per layer:
• Smaller: from 4 to 5 grains per meter;
• Medium: from 5 to 6 grains per meter;
• Larger: from 8 to 9 grains per meter.

To change the disk it is important to observe that:
• Disk for flat corn – flat thick ring;
• Disk for round corn – lowered ring;
• Disk for bean and soy – flat thin ring;
• Disk for sorghum – special ring;
• Disk for sunflower – the same disk of flat corn.

Net planter weight: 250 kg
Loaded planter weight: 350 kg.

Options of acquisition:
• Animal Traction Planter - 2 Lines with frontal seat;
• Animal Traction Planter - 2 Lines with rear seat;
• Planter Micro Farm Tractor 2 Lines.

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