One or two Animal Farm
Animal Traction Planters

by Fitarelli (BRAZIL)

These machines are for familiar agriculture use, for direct or conventional planting, in rugged ground. The planters can be pulled by 1 or 2 animals, and can plant corn, soy, bean, sorghum, sunflower, peanut, popcorn, rice, among others, except vegetables.


Machine with structure composed by a 2,72m pole, wheel and metallic handle, with seed and fertilizer boxes in polyethylene plastic. Serrated and articulated rear wheel, handles with regulation that facilitates the operator’s job. The machine’s command is done by a motorcycle current, articulated wheel and axis with ball bearing and transparent hose.

The distribution of the fertilizer is made by the nylon rotor.
To regulate the quantity of fertilizer desired, remove the funnel and the existing box and add or remove the quantity of rotors.

Measure of the rotors:
• Thin rotor 60 kg for hectare;
• Thick rotor 120 kg for hectare.

The adjustment of the amount of seeds is done through a cogwheel with three layers of teeth.
• The smaller distributes from 4 to 5 grains per meter;
• The medium from 5 to 6 grains per meter;
• The larger from 8 to 9 grains per meter.
Obs: As the bean and soy disks have two careers of holes, it doubles the amount of grains.
The capacity of plantation is of 30 kg of seed per day of work.
Capacity of the reservoirs:
• Fertilizer box with stainless bottom: 8 kg;
• Seed box: 5 kg.

The warranty of the machine’s operation is in the lubrication and in the care with it.
Net weight of the planter: 45 kg
Gross weight of the planter: 55kg.
Obs: The planter for bulls has a long header with the purchasing option of the fontal cutter disk.
The planter for horses has a frontal revolving wheel

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